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Diarrhea feeding of children

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Diarrhea feeding of children :

Prepared by adding 2 teaspoon sugar, a tea spoonful of salt and white sugar, and a sweet spoonful of carbonate into 1 liter of boiled chilled water (5 cups).

First half a cup of tea is slowly poured, given at regular intervals as long as the child receives it. Within two days 90% of the results are taken. Drinks such as fruit juices, tea, rice juice are added beside the solution. In this way:

By substituting the lost water and mineral salts, the normal life functions of the body are maintained.

After replacing the water lost by the patient, diluted cow milk, fruit juices, buttermilk and watery sacks are used in addition.

If the fluids given to the sick child are not enough, serum water and juice will continue to be given even if the diarrhea has passed. If swelling occurs on the hands and feet in the eyelids, the amount of fluid given should be reduced.

Milk: After the water lost in diarrhea is compensated, children can be given regular skimmed milk, dairy products and breast milk.